The table below describes the macros that are supported in a2x DAAST/VAST.  

Macros are case sensitive! They can be used in any of the following formats:


For example, any of the following representations of the "RANDOM" macro are valid:

Supported Macros (case-sensitive)


Macro Name Description
OpenRTB Macros
AUCTION_ID As per OpenRTB spec.
AUCTION_BID_ID As per OpenRTB spec.
AUCTION_IMP_ID As per OpenRTB spec.
AUCTION_SEAT_ID As per OpenRTB spec.
AUCTION_AD_ID As per OpenRTB spec.
AUCTION_PRICE As per OpenRTB spec.
Inventory Macros
PUB_NAME The name of the publisher; e.g., CBS_RADIO.
PUB_ID The numerical ID of the publisher as assigned by Triton Digital; e.g., 5679.
STATION_NAME The name of the station; e.g., KROQFM.
STATION_ID The numerical ID of the station as assigned by Triton Digital; e.g., 12345.
Listener Macros
COOKIE The Triton Digital cookie ID.
AD_ID The mobile advertising ID, whether device runs iOS or Android (i.e., an IDFA or AdID).
IDFA The Apple IDFA (iOS devices).
GAID The Google Advertising ID (Android devices).
IP The IP address of the device.
USERAGENT The User-Agent header of the device.
Buyer Macros
CREATIVE_ID The ID of the creative as sent by the DSP.
BUYER_ID The ID of the buyer as sent by the DSP.
ADTREK_ID The creative ID from AdTrek – only applicable in an impression tracker when using AdTrek.
Transient Macros
RANDOM A random string for cache busting.
CACHEBUSTER A random string for cache busting.
TIMESTAMP Unix timestamp in seconds.