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Our feature-rich suite of podcast technology makes creating content, growing your audience, and increasing your revenue easy.


Comprehensive Tools
 - Podcast Hosting & Broadcast Capture            - Sophisticated Campaign Management  
 - Intuitive Editing                                                   - Dynamically Inserted, Listener-Targeted Ads
 - Streamlined Publishing & Social Sharing        - Continually Monetize Back Catalog  
 - Insightful Analytics                                              - Automatic Volume Normalization

Seamless Monetization

Through integration with Triton’s industry-leading server-side advertising technology, Tap Podcast, the Omny Studio platform enables audio publishers to replace static ads with dynamically inserted, highly targeted ads while automating key aspects of campaign management, such as industry separation, frequency capping and volume normalization.

The resulting highly-optimized campaigns provide a high quality, engaging, and relevant experience for the listeners, and a higher return for advertisers.

In addition, the sophisticated platform simplifies the distribution and sharing of content by providing publishers with fully customizable, mobile-optimized show pages and embedded players.


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Triton Digital is the exclusive reseller of the Omny Studio Platform in the US and Canada. 

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