Description Specifications
Music, Sound, and Voice Tracks Audio file describing products, services, and sound effects.

Format: MP3, WAV, WMA, or OGG format

Bitrate: at least 128 kbps

Trimmed of slate/silence

Duration: 15 to 60 seconds (15 and 30 seconds are most used)

Companion Banner

Companion banners are image or HTML display ads that run at the same time as audio ads.

In audio advertising, companion banners are displayed while listeners hear the audio ad playing on a device that has a screen, for example, on a mobile device or desktop.

Companion banners depend on Publisher's player capabilities and are not necessarily displayed in all players.

Format: GIF, JPEG, PNG, HTML, JavaScript.

We recommend using the following companion banner sizes:

- Widely Used: Medium Rectangle (300x250px). This is the most used commonly used format for companion banners across all player formats.

- Generally Used: Leaderboard (728x90px). This common format is typically used for desktop (browser-based) players.

- Occasionally Used: Smartphone Static Banner (300x50px), and Smartphone Static Wide Banner (320x50px). These are less common formats that are only used in mobile apps.

Dynamic Ad Creative

This type of ad enables Publishers to personalize messaging at scale. Dynamic Creative can be optimized for remarketing and prospecting purposes.

Audio Ads accept this capability.

Tracking Codes

Pieces of code added to websites and mobile apps to collect and analyse several types of data such as conversion, audience, acquisition, and behavioral data.

Format: 1x1 pixel only

Supported events: Audio impression and quartiles.

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